Case Study 1

The challenge: The clients wanted a pool, cabana, water features and plenty of outdoor living space. The septic system created major limitations along with the topography dropping off four feet from the back of the house.

The Caliper Solution: Create a multi-terrace living space that incorporated the pool and formal ponds. Both sitting walls and retaining walls were designed and built to provide function and beauty. Bluestone was used for the upper terrace floor while, white/lt. gray granite was used for the lower terrace floor (cooler on the feet). The raised ponds on the upper terrace provide relaxing sound and the homeowners love the fish. The plantings and lighting finished it off with just the right amount of color and texture day and night.

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Case Study 2

The challenge: These homeowners had just built their dream home on a wooded lot. They wanted a dual-purpose design, to create both a gracious front entryway with an elegant natural look and a backyard suited for recreation and entertainment.

The Caliper Solution: Following a natural path, we created a meandering bluestone walk that linked the house to the landscape. For natural elegance, we designed a simple planting of Boxwood and pachysandra, and then added perennials for color. In the backyard the pool was set off to the side and provided an attractive focal point. Lush plantings and a gazebo created a warm and welcoming garden. Finally, the addition of a custom picket fence extended the house trim into the garden, creating the feeling of a long-established homesite.

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Case Study 3

The challenge: This large house needed to appear “comfortable” on a relatively small property. Additionally, landscaping was needed to disguise a raised septic field only 35 feet from the back of the house.

The Caliper Solution: We designed this bluestone walk to draw the eye along an attractive stone wall ending in a comfortable outdoor cooking and dining room. The curvilinear wall served to soften and hide the septic field. A variety of plant color, texture and shapes created both a calming atmosphere and a sense of greater scale. We framed the garage entryway with a cedar fence and bold plantings of perennials and ornamental grasses, once again adding color and scale.

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Case Study 4

The challenge: Heavily wooded slopes and unusual contours made traditional designs unworkable.

The Caliper Solution: We designed plantings for a series of discrete brick wall terraces that repeated the brick of the house. The brick front walk was set in a large terrace and interplanted with daffodils to add color and announce spring. Since the owner is an avid gardener, we left lots of space for pots and urns. As a counterpoint to the more formal brick spaces, the swimming pool was surrounded by large boulders and a rugged stairway. We planted this heavily with a combination of groundcovers and perennials. A large bluestone terrace with an outdoor kitchen is right off the kitchen. The large property allowed us to place yet another rustic nook on the back slope to take advantage of the great view.

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Case Study 5

The challenge: The clients had just completed a beautiful deck, off the first floor of the house, but with a walkout basement they wanted to utilize the space under the deck and connect the front yard with the back yard as it was a 9′ elevation change.

The Caliper Solution: was to build a natural bluestone patio under deck with large natural bluestone steps connecting the front yard to the new patio. The plantings softening all the hardscape, adding color and texture. The lighting created a warm attractive room that was comfortable to access and use. Family and friends now have a new “room” with heavy shade and good flow from the deck to the backyard, and the front yard to the backyard.

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